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Plusoptix Vision Screener
Plusoptix  Vision Screener

It is designed to screen for refractive error, anisocoria and strabismus in children starting at age 6 months. Because it's so easy to use it's used by pediatricians, school nurses and Lions clubs alike. Vision Screening can be performed in any child because the only compliance needed is a short fixation of the camera. This fixation is provoked by a specially designed sound target, called a "warble" sound


  • Proven accuracy
  • Both eyes are screened simultaneously
  • Screening is performed from 3.3 feet (1 meter) away
  • A "pass" or "refer" screening result is displayed automatically
  • Screening takes 0.8 Seconds
  • Full range documentation options

The latest study done by Al Yammama Hospital in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia, concluded the need of  vision screening for  babies at early age, as well showed efficacy and accuracy of Plusoptix Vison screener

Amblyz™ glasses
Amblyz™ glasses

Amblyz™ glasses represent a totally new approach in the treatment of amblyopia. The electronic device, shaped like glasses, is easy to use, comfortable, efficient and made for children from 3 – 10 years of age. Using intermittent occlusion of the healthy eye, Amblyz™ glasses force the development of the amblyopic eye without pain, discomfort or the stigma associated with existing therapies, such as an eye patch.In addition, patients diagnosed with an amblyopic eye usually require perscription glasses; Amblyz™ glasses however can serve as an amblyopia therapy and prescription glasses at the same time.

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