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Total Body Cooling (Servo Controlled)
Total Body Cooling (Servo Controlled)

Next generation Total Body Cooling "Techotherm"

The new servo controlled design has instant feedback monitoring the infant's temperature every 2 seconds and making minute changes to the cooling fluid to ensure that the infant's temperature remains stable. Simple alarms are on hand should the temperature deviate more than 0.5C from the set temperature. The large colour display shows the temperature clearly and colour changes alert nursing staff to any problem.
With several new features, the Tecotherm Neo can be programmed for a complete treatment cycle, the user can set the target temperatures, duration and even the rate of re-warming / cooling making it easy and simple to set up and use. Changes can be made at any time and all changes, set and measured parameters are recorded on to a memory card every minute for later analysis

Olympic Brainz Monitor
Olympic Brainz Monitor

The Olympic Brainz Monitor provides aEEG (amplitude integrated EEG), real time

EEG and continuous measurement of impedance in 1, 2, and up to 3 channel

configurations. The kiosk style interface allows real time monitoring of brain

function, providing vital data that may assist in predicting outcomes.

Neonatal Ventilator
Neonatal Ventilator

The new fabian family.

The new fabian generation by ACUTRONIC consists of three Gold Club members. Each one is representing the benchmark in its class, either in non-invasive, conventional or sophisticated High Frequency ventilation. They are configured for your specific needs and can be upgraded with further options.

fabian +nCPAP evolution
Our 3-in-1 device.

The fabian +nCPAP evolution is a therapy system packed in a small yet powerful package, making it ideal for NICU, PICU and transport applications.

fabian HFO
Our 4-in-1 device.

This one device offers all options: advanced conventional and non-invasive therapy, High Frequency Oscillation (HFO) and oxygen therapy (HFNC) for neonatal and pediatric patients.

fabian Therapy evolution
Our 2-in-1 device.

The fabian Therapy evolution is our smallest, but not the least powerful fabian family member. A true, complete and also highly advanced NIV ventilator, featuring all classic and new NIV-modes.

Algo 3i
Algo 3i

Algo 3i, becomes the standard tool for newborn hearing screener in the most hospitals in Saudi Arabia

Main features;

1. Does not require space Algo 3i ability to work in heavily interfering area like NICU,

2. Fast ;doing both ears simultaneously at the same time,

3. Safe;Algo uses no probes inserted to the delicate newborn ears;


The Next Generation of Automated Hearing Screener

Incorporates TEOAE,DPOAE and AABR 

Intuitive with Touch Screen  

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