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AerogenŽ Solo

The Aerogen® Solo nebulizer

The Aerogen® Solo is a compact, single patient use nebulizer for aerosol therapy, which can be used for continuous and/or intermittent nebulization. The Aerogen® Solo micropump nebulizer helps patients to breathe more easily, ensuring targeted drug delivery to the smallest airways in the lungs. The Aerogen® Solo nebulizer produces a fine particle, low velocity aerosol optimized for targeted drug delivery.  Its effective dose delivery of physician prescribed inhalation solutions, means that it can be safely used with all patient groups. The silent operation of the Aerogen Solo allows it to be used in pediatric ICUs where noise levels are critical. 

Point Of Care Blood Analysis System
Point Of Care Blood Analysis System

No reagents special handeling , Room Temp Smart Cards 

The epoc® Reader and Host2 Mobile Computer devices work together to bring you the right result at the right time. The nearly instantaneous delivery of BGEM (blood gases, electrolytes, and metabolites) results at the bedside enables you to make immediate treatment decisions that may lead to improved patient outcomes.              

Simply insert the Test Card into the epoc® Reader and obtain a blood sample from the patient. Once fresh blood passes across the biosensors on the epoc® Test Card, results are sent to the epoc® Host2 Mobile Computer. With the optional EDM System and LIS interface components, the test result is then wirelessly transmitted instantly over your existing Wi-Fi network to your EDM, LIS and EMR.

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